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Sonic Fiber Internet Is Causing Extender-Router No WiFi Issues

There are many consumers who are unable to fully utilize Netgear range extenders. This is because the cable modem router that has been receiving Sonic Fiber internet services has suddenly fallen behind. According to our analysis, this issue was caused not only by problems at the end of the Sonic fiber internet but also by the extender in use.

We can assist you regardless of the underlying cause of the problem. As you continue reading, you will discover many methods for resolving it in a hassle-free manner. Without further ado, let us begin reading.

Sonic Fiber Internet Slow? What should you do?

First Case: Sonic Fiber Internet Problem

Examine for a Faulty Fiber Cable

Because the fiber connection in use is not firmly installed into the appropriate ports, you are experiencing a no WiFi issue. This could be due to a faulty cable. In this instance, you should think about taping up the cable. Although this should result in the fruit of the outcome falling right into your lap, it is recommended that you use another cable if it does not. You will need to leave your residence for this.

There has been an unplanned fiber outage.

You should be aware that if there is a fiber outage, your fiber service will be totally or intermittently unavailable. Receiving updates on the progress of the outage as well as its resolution is critical in this instance. As a result, it is recommended that you subscribe to Sonic’s Message of the Day in order to receive alerts regarding an outage. You can accomplish this by utilizing Member Tools.

Avoid Ignoring Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is required sometimes to undertake repairs, upgrade equipment, or improve the fiber infrastructure. If you ignored this maintenance when it was due, it is no surprise that Sonic Fiber Internet services are not prepared to assist you. In this scenario, do not disregard any new maintenance schedules. If these two suggestions haven’t helped you, keep reading.

Users may mistakenly believe that the problem is caused by Sonic Fiber Internet services, but this is only a supposition. They have a problem with their extension or cable modem router. The same thing is likely to have happened to you. In that situation, the information in the following section will be beneficial.

Second Case: Extender or Router Problem

Restart both the WiFi extender and the router.

Several customers have reported that power cycling or restarting technical gadgets have helped them resolve connectivity issues. We hope that this small effort will also assist you in resolving the issue under discussion.

Keeping this hope in mind, follow these steps to power cycle your devices:

  • Find the power button on the Netgear extender, followed by the cable modem router.
  • Once finished, press it.
  • You can now wait for the LED to flicker white.
  • Sing your favorite song’s chorus.
  • This gives the gadgets adequate time to relax.
  • When you believe they have finished resting, turn them on.
  • To do so, hit the same button that you used to turn them off.
  • Now, double-check whether you can access the internet without encountering any unwelcome technical difficulties. If you still can’t, it’s probable because the distance between your networking equipment is significantly greater than necessary.

Bring the WiFi Devices in Closer

You may have kept the Netgear wireless range extender in one part of the home and the cable modem router in another in an attempt to receive signal in every corner of the house, but you made a mistake.

Excessive distance between devices can make it harder for them to transfer signals properly. If this continues, you may forget about fixing the issue in the picture; instead, you will end up inviting other problems to the table.

To prevent this from happening again, you should bring the networking closer together. Not too close, though. Otherwise, their signals will interfere with each other. If you are still unable to resolve the problem, try a cable modem router reset.

As soon as the reset is complete, connect to the router using the right IP address. If the IP address is, do not use or You can confirm the IP address of your networking device by consulting the product documentation.

In conclusion

This blog entry is coming to a close. Here’s hoping you’ll be able to quickly resolve the Netgear extender-router no WiFi issue produced by Sonic Fiber Internet services.

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