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How do I fix the Netgear extender not found issue?

The information provided here will assist you in resolving the Netgear extender not found issue. After connecting the WiFi client device to the Netgear extender’s network, a high-speed internet connection is available. But what if the WiFi extender isn’t on the list? In that case, using the internet is merely a pipe dream. If you encounter the Netgear extender not found error when following a sequence of steps to connect to WiFi, read the blog. But first, let’s take some time to help you understand what the core source of the problem could be.

Reasons for Netgear extender not found error

The primary reason you cannot find your range extender on the WiFi list is that you’ve hidden its network name. Perhaps you were in a hurry during the Netgear extender installation procedure and mistakenly unchecked the “Broadcast this Network Name (SSID)” option. So, now is the time to correct your error and take the primary step of unhiding the extender’s network to resolve the issue. You can use the following procedures to accomplish this:

  • If you can’t connect to WiFi, connect your PC to the Netgear extender (if it hasn’t previously been saved).
  • An RJ45 cable can help you make the connection.
  • After that, open a web browser and navigate to login page.
  • When the login screen appears, enter the extender’s admin information and log in.
  • Go to WiFi Settings and check the “Broadcast this Network Name (SSID)” box.
  • After saving the modifications, check the network list to see if your Netgear extender is still listed. If the network broadcast is already enabled and you are unable to locate it, the next step is to pay attention to the area below.

What to do if your Netgear extender isn’t showing on WiFi?

Restart or power cycle your device

If the extender is not included on the WiFi list, we advise you to power cycle it as soon as possible. The range extender’s power cycling is not a laborious process. While the web GUI allows you to restart or power cycle your device, we still advise using the hardware On/Off button. So, press the extender’s power button and unplug it right away without waiting. After ten minutes, let it cool down and turn it back on. Be aware that a power cycle will activate small issues that typically lead to the problem under discussion.

Get closer to the Netgear extender

It’s possible that your assumption about the Netgear extender not found is false. In other words, if you try to connect to a WiFi device that is outside of its range, the network name will not appear on the network list. Perhaps you already know what has to be done. So, as soon as possible, get closer to your extender and check to see if it appears on the network list. We advise you to go straight to the next part and learn how to reset your Netgear extender if you are still unable to do so.

Netgear Extender Reset Instructions

We recommend that you reset the extender since it is possible that you made a severe mistake during the setup procedure or that the extender is experiencing a major difficulty. Whatever the case, resetting will assist you in resolving the Netgear extender not found issue you are now experiencing with others. 

Check out the steps below to discover how to reset your extender:

  • Make certain that your extender is turned on.
  • Then, look for the reset button on it.
  • Take a paperclip or other pointy object.
  • Press and hold the Reset button with the selected object.
  • Hold the button down for at least 10-12 seconds.
  • The extender will automatically reset.

When your range extender resets, you can proceed to set it up from scratch, either via the WPS technique or the online GUI. Make certain that you follow the instructions this time. You can find this information in the extender’s user manual.

The Last Words

In conclusion, we want to make sure that adopting certain precautions will assist you in resolving the Netgear extender not found issue. We’re presuming you’ve fixed it and are now enjoying a fantastic networking experience with the range extender. However, never disregard your Netgear extender’s firmware updates. They aid in the prevention of major networking concerns.