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Why is my XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update?

Every Netgear wireless range extender has firmware preinstalled. Software that is recognized to assume complete responsibility for the operation of the device is known as firmware, or something similar. This may be the primary reason it needs to be upgraded frequently. Using the Nighthawk app is the simplest way to upgrade the Netgear extender firmware. However, a question released on October 21, 2023, contradicts this. By this, we mean that people have been reporting issues with their XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update.

Have you attempted to use the Nighthawk program to carry out the firmware upgrade process on your networking gear and encountered the same issues? In that situation, it is advised that you study the information in this blog article, as we have covered every feasible course of action to resolve the contentious XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update problem at hand.

Fix: XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update

1. Verify your connection to the internet

Your mobile device’s lack of internet connectivity is the main cause of the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update, which prevents you from taking advantage of your Netgear wireless range extender’s improved performance. While the Nighthawk app does not require WiFi in order to function offline, upgrading an extender does not eliminate the need for it. In light of this, you must ensure that your mobile device has an immediate connection to the internet, or WiFi.

This can be accomplished using two methods. The first option requires you to choose the WiFi button, input the needed password, and join the Netgear range extender’s network, while the second approach allows you to use mobile data. We still recommend going with the first option because it will speed up the firmware update process.

2. Download and install an antivirus application.

Have you considered the chance that your mobile device is infested with viruses, which is causing the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update? No? So, you should do it now. If you are having difficulty believing us right now, you may always perform a virus scan. If viruses are found, you need not be concerned because there is a method to prevent them from interfering with your mobile device and preventing you from accomplishing chores.

To avoid any confusion, we recommend that you follow our instructions and download the antivirus application for your device. However, before implementing this, ensure that you have done sufficient research to determine which software to install. Once completed, go to your device’s store and download the one that stands out the most.

3. Upgrade the Firmware Manually

Despite losing your mind trying to resolve the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue, if you are still experiencing it, it may be time to modify the technique you are employing. Since you have been utilizing the Nighthawk application for firmware updates, you may want to try switching to the manual way. So, here we are. Turn on your laptop and ensure it is connected to the network of your wireless range extender. Once complete, launch a browser and navigate to the login website. Log in with your login credentials and proceed to the advanced option. Choose and download the firmware update file, then wait some time.

To summarize

As noted in the opening of this blog post, changing the firmware of your XS 6 Nighthawk extender is critical for maintaining its functionality. However, given that you have been a victim of the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue, we believe you will be able to overcome it by following the steps outlined above. If you are still unable to end it permanently, do not waste any more time by resetting or restoring your Netgear wifi extender its normal mode.

Multiple methods can be used to accomplish the same task. The first approach allows you to utilize the reset button, the second to access the web user interface, and the third to access the Netgear Nighthawk app. Read the documentation that came with your gadget to learn about how they all work and the visible variations.

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