Struggling with dead zones in your home? You can access the internet quickly in your living room,home and in the office with the help of Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup. Incoming wireless signals can be passed through your current home network and then improved to reach every room in your house using Netgear extenders and Mywifiext. The Netgear Extender typically serves as a link, retransmitting WiFi from your router all throughout your house. 

Here are the steps for Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup:

  • Connect your Netgear AC1200 to a power outlet.
  • Place the router and extender in the same area.
  • Pause until the power LED emits a steady green light.
  • In any web browser, type www mywifiext net.
  • The display illuminates with the Netgear Installation Assistant’s guiding interface.
  • Simply follow the prompts to finish the configuration process.
  • If the LEDs on the EX6130 turn solid green, the configuration process was successful.
  • After unplugging it, re-connect the extender where you want to place it.


If you have any difficulties during Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup. Please contact our chat support representative. 

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Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup with WPS method 

In order to improve and expand the coverage of an existing wireless network, the Netgear EX6130 wifi range extender was created. It uses the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) technique to make setup simpler. With the help of WPS, Devices may safely connect to WiFi networks without having to manually enter the network password.

Follow the instructions for Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup via WPS Method:

  • Activate your Nighthawk extender.
  • Place your EX6130 near your current router.
  • When the power LED remains green.
  • Locate and press the WPS button on the AC1200 .
  • Simply lightly click the WPS button on your WiFi router.
  • Then, wait for the extender’s LEDs to turn consistently green. 
  • This indicates that the configuration process was successfully completed.


In just two minutes, you can configure your Netgear Nighthawk EX6130 AC1200 wifi range extender using the wireless protected setup.

Netgear EX6130 extender Setup

How Do I Update Netgear EX6130 Extender Firmware?

 The firmware update for the Netgear EX6130 Wifi extender includes new features as well as the most recent security updates. This improves the performance of your EX6130 while also assisting in the resolution of bugs and other issues that you may encounter while using the AC1200.

Netgear extender firmware update

To update the firmware, start by using a smart device, and then visit Netgear’s official website at

  • Access any internet browser via a PC or smartphone connected to the Netgear AC1200.
  • Visit and start by logging in.
  • Click the LOGIN button after providing the admin ID and password.
  • Click the Menu box if it appears in your browser.
  • Choose Firmware Update.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose check online.
  • Regardless of whether the newest firmware is accessible, finish the entire firmware upgrading procedure.


You can update your firmware to the most recent version by following the given guidelines. 

Typical Issues with Netgear EX6130 Setup

An effective networking device that helps in extending the reach of your current Wi-Fi network is the Netgear EX6130 extender. However, it could have a range of problems throughout the course of its duration, just like any other electrical device. Here are some typical issues that user face during Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup:

  • Incorrect mywifiext password
  • Can’t connect to mywifiext.local
  • Netgear genie app doesn’t open
  • Issues while accessing Netgear extender IP address.
  • Lost configuration CD
  • WiFi connectivity issues
  • Forgot the extender’s default password
  • Extender’s LED lights are not stable
  • Unable to update the firmware
  • MAC address filtering errors
  • WiFi extender not connecting to the internet
  • Can’t find the extender network name
  • The Extender is not working properly


If you encounter any of these issues while using the Netgear EX6130 Extender, it is best to contact us via our toll-free number or live chat.

Netgear extender common issues

Troubleshooting Steps for Netgear EX6130 Setup Issues

Here are some Troubleshooting Steps for Netgear EX6130 Extender Setup issues:

Netgear extender setup troubleshooting tips
  • Power and Connectivity: Make sure to power on the extender and connect it to an electrical outlet.
  • Verify Wi-Fi Connection: Connect your device to the extender’s default Wi-Fi network (“NETGEAR_EXT” or similar).
  • Clear Browser Cache: Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to prevent setup conflicts.
  • Disable VPN and Proxy: Temporarily disable VPN or proxy settings on your device.
  • Reset Extender: If issues persist, reset the extender to factory settings and restart the Netgear AC1200 setup process.
  • Check Wi-Fi Password: Enter the correct Wi-Fi password when connecting to your existing network.
  • Update Firmware: Check for firmware updates on Netgear’s support website.
  • Disable MAC Filtering: Temporarily disable MAC filtering on your router, if enabled.
  • Ethernet Cable Setup: Use an Ethernet cable if Wi-Fi setup doesn’t work.
  • Reboot Router and Extender: Restart both devices to refresh network connections.

If you encounter any of these issues while using the Netgear EX6130 Extender, it is best to contact us via our toll-free number or live chat.