How can I change the default Netgear extender password?

Do you realize how important it is to change your default Netgear extender password? You might be asking how to change the password on your Netgear extender. Don’t worry; updating the password for your extender is easier than you think. Simply follow these simple steps on any computer, including Windows, Mac OS, and even Android, to update the default Netgear extender password.

Note: If you have previously changed the password or have forgotten the password you set up, you can use this simple method to factory reset your range extender.

Follow the steps below to change the default password for your Netgear wifi range extender:

  • To change your default Netgear extender password, make sure your device is connected to your extender network.
  • Launch the web browser on your laptop or other device. In case of a difficulty, keep two browsers open or restart your browser.
  • To begin, go to the Netgear range extender setup website.
  • Please visit or contact Netgear support if you are using a Windows device. 
  • Log in with the admin username and password as the username and password, respectively, and then click Login.
  • Once you’ve signed into the Netgear genie smart setup process, navigate to the admin panel option and then click on the maintenance option.
  • You must now select an option with a new password from the list of alternatives provided.
  • Finally, a dialog window will appear in front of you, prompting you to input your previous password in order to update your existing login and password. 
  • To save your changes, enter your new SSID and password, then click the Apply button.
Netgear extender password

That’s how you can update the default Netgear extender password on your Netgear wifi range extender. However, if you encounter any problems or difficulties, please contact your Netgear professionals at our toll-free number, +1-323-471-3045.

Common issues that you could face when changing the default Netgear extender password

Not all users are successful in changing the default Netgear extender password on the first attempt. They encounter several obstacles. The following are some of the most frequently experienced concerns by the great majority of our users.

  • Netgear Genie Smart Wizard is inaccessible.
  • After submitting login credentials, the error message is not accessible appears.
  • Mywifiext’s website is currently unavailable.


Don’t be scared if you face any of these issues; simply contact our specialists by dialing our toll-free helpline at +1-323-471-3045.

common issues while changing Netgear extender password

Techniques for Troubleshooting Common Issues When Changing the Default Password

Here are some troubleshooting strategies and tips to assist you in resolving these frequently encountered issues:

  • Check that your Extender is linked to the internet.
  • Keep several browsers open at all times, and experiment with different browsers.
  • Resetting your web browser may be advantageous.
  • Turn off your VPN and instead use a static IP address.
  • Connect with an Ethernet Cable


I hope the problem you were experiencing has been rectified. If you are still having problems, please call us at our toll-free number +1-323-471-3045.

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