How to fix Netgear extender orange light issue?

It is actually the truth that a Netgear wifi extender makes it easy to get a lightning-fast, lag-free internet connection across your home. A wifi extender, like any other technical equipment, is not without flaws. One of them is the Netgear extender orange light issue.

If you’re having trouble with the orange light on your Netgear extender, we’ve got you covered. We have discussed some fixes in this post that will definitely assist you in resolving the Netgear extender orange light issue. So, what are you holding out for? Continue reading by scrolling down.

Netgear extender orange light issue

Reasons for the Netgear extender orange light issue

Before we get started with the orange light problem, let’s go through some of the possible causes. Here are some of the most important aspects contributing to the problem you’re experiencing:


  • You did not complete the Netgear extender setup process correctly.
  • The ethernet link between your wireless range extender and router is unstable.
  • Your device’s firmware does not have an updated version.
  • Your wifi extender’s signals are being disrupted.
  • Technical issues can potentially cause your extender’s LEDs to turn orange.
  • Now, let’s go over how to troubleshoot the Netgear wifi extender orange light problem.

SOLVED: Netgear extender orange light issue

Here are the steps to resolve issues responsible for the blinking light on Netgear wifi extender:

Power cycle your Netgear extender

Begin by restarting your Netgear wireless range extender. Perhaps rebooting your device can help you resolve the orange light issue and save you time on other troubleshooting methods.

Here’s how to restart your wireless device:

  • Unplug your Netgear range extender from the power outlet and turn it off.
  • Allow some time.
  • Then, reconnect your extender to the socket and turn it on.
  • Check to see whether you are experiencing the Netgear extender orange light issue. If so, we encourage you to continue reading this blog.


Update the Netgear firmware.

Another option to troubleshoot the orange light issue is to update the firmware of your Netgear range extender. So, follow the steps below to discover how to upgrade your device’s firmware to the most recent version:

  • Start an updated internet browser on your computer.
  • Navigate to the new extender setup page via mywifiext net.
  • Navigate to Settings > Maintenance and then Firmware update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.


If you have any problems updating the firmware on your Netgear range extender, please contact our technical support team.


Check the ethernet connection

  • Check to see if the connection between your Netgear extender and the router is active. Keep in mind that your gadgets should not have any loose or broken cable connections.
  • Also, if the ethernet cable connecting your devices is damaged in any way, have it replaced right away.


Factory reset your Netgear extender

If, despite following the troubleshooting techniques listed above, you are still experiencing the Netgear extender orange light issue, perform a factory default reset. Here are the methods to restoring your device to factory default settings:

  • On your wireless extender, look for the reset button.
  • Once discovered, gently massage it with a pointed item such as an oil pin.
  • Connect your wifi-enabled device to the Netgear_ext network and reconfigure your extender as soon as you finish resetting it.


If none of the above remedies helped you with the Netgear extender orange light issue, contact our technical specialists and let them assist you. If you have any further questions about the same issue, they will respond to them as well.

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