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Exclusive guide to connect two Netgear WiFi extenders at same time

In this blog, you will get full information on how to connect two Netgear wifi extenders at a time at your workspace or at home. WiFi range extenders might assist you while you experiment with expanding the existing WiFi range in your home. We’ve all heard that even the best routers can’t meet all of your WiFi needs at home. Despite purchasing the best router, positioning it in the best place, and purchasing the finest network plan, you may encounter WiFi dead zones. Do you have a WiFi range extender and are experiencing restricted internet connectivity and dead spots? Do you have any places in your home where you have bad internet connectivity? Are you unsure whether you can add another extender to your home or not? If so, how do you connect two Netgear WiFi extenders? Read the blog to find the answers to all of these questions.

How do Netgear WiFi extenders work?

Before we tell you whether or not you can connect two Netgear WiFi extenders and, if so, how to do so, we want you to understand how WiFi extenders function. By knowing this, you will have a better understanding of what we will discuss later in the blog.

When installing a Netgear WiFi range extender in the home, it must be connected to the main gateway, which can be a router or a modem. The extender receives signals from the main gateway and extends them to regions where the signal was previously not reaching.

Is it possible to connect two Netgear WiFi extenders?

So you already have one Netgear WiFi range extender installed and are looking to install another WiFi range extender since you are still experiencing WiFi dead spots around your home. The question is if you can use two Netgear WiFi extenders in your home. Yes, you can, according to the answer to this question.

How do I connect two Netgear WiFi extenders?

Let us now show you how to add another Netgear WiFi range extender to your home network. There are numerous aspects to consider while attaching an additional Netgear extender. They are as follows:

Daisy Chain Networks should be avoided.

If you have a sophisticated home plan or a large property, a single WiFi extender will not help you address WiFi dead spots. To eliminate difficult-to-reach locations, you can connect two Netgear WiFi extenders to your home network. However, when you are going to connect two Netgear WiFi extenders, be sure you are not daisy chaining them. Daisy chaining implies wirelessly connecting the router to the extender, then the second extender to the first extender. This will have an impact on WiFi performance. Despite purchasing two WiFi range extenders, you will only obtain a weak network. Daisy chains are not officially supported, just so you know.

Recommend Access Point Setup

Another thing to keep in mind before you connect two Netgear wifi extenders in your home is that you are only using it as an access point. An Ethernet connection connects the networking devices, the router and the extender, when the Netgear extender is configured in AP mode. For your convenience, the instructions for configuring the Netgear range extender in AP mode are listed below:

  • Unpack your new Netgear WiFi range extender.
  • Connect the antennas (if any) as well as the power adapter.
  • Turn on the WiFi extender by plugging it into an active electrical outlet.
  • Connect the extender to the host router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the router as well.
  • Now, open a browser on a PC and navigate to setup.
  • Log in with the default credentials.
  • Continue to follow the directions on the screen to complete the Netgear extender configuration in AP mode.

Do you need more information?

You now understand how to connect two Netgear WiFi extenders. Although investing in a mesh system is always the best alternative for having the best WiFi network coverage in the home, the techniques outlined above will assist you to connect two Netgear WiFi extenders in your home. If you want to learn more about a WiFi mesh system or need assistance configuring your Netgear extender, contact our specialists.

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