How to use a Netgear router as an extender? An ultimate guide

This blog entry was created specifically to answer your questions if you’ve been wondering how to use a Netgear router as an extender. Here, in the form of simple steps, we have outlined the complete process of configuring a Netgear router as an extender. However, be aware that your router is by default configured in router mode before proceeding with them. You should change it to Access Point Mode in order to configure it as an extender.

You may be wondering, “What is the difference between the router mode and access point mode?” at this point. Don’t worry, though. This is described in the section that follows. Continue reading.

What is the main difference between router and access point mode?

To clarify, your Netgear wireless equipment operates normally in router mode, and all of the router’s functionality is accessible. This is the main distinction between router mode and access point mode.

However, while the Netgear router is in Access Point Mode, it functions as a gateway for connecting external devices. To expand the current WiFi, it is simple to use the Netgear router as an extender. However, one drawback of this is that not all functionalities work in AP mode.

What features are disabled when the router is set to AP mode?

Guest NetworkRemote ManagementPort Forwarding
Port TriggeringAccess ControlVPN Service
Netgear ArmorParental ControlsTraffic Meter
Block SitesLAN SetupWAN Setup
Internet SetupUPnPIPv6

Now that you understand the distinction between the two modes, it is recommended that you spend no more time reading the information provided below and learning how to utilize a Netgear router as an extender.

How do I easily use a Netgear router as an extender?

Though you have the option of acquiring an extender and performing a fresh Netgear extender configuration, if you want to set up your Netgear router as an extender, keep reading.

Use an Up-to-Date Internet Browser

  • Gain access to your client device and launch a web browser.
  • You can use your preferred browser, for example, Chrome or Safari.
  • Place your mouse cursor in the URL field.

Precaution: Make sure that your internet browser is not only up-to-date, but also free of browsing history, cookies, and cache.

Enter the default web address, or IP address.

  • Enter the router’s default web address,
  • You can also use the router’s default IP address.

Is each router given the same IP address?

No, the answer is no. Most routers have the same one, but the rest may vary. This means that if you bought model A, your Netgear IP address will be different, and if you bought model Z, your address will be different again. If you want to be completely certain about the IP, you should read what is in the handbook.

Precaution: For the process, do not use any other bar than the address bar. 

Enter your username and password.

  • When you press Enter, you will be directed to the router’s administration page.
  • You will now be requested to enter your login name and password.
  • Because they are case-sensitive, keep the Caps Lock key depressed while entering them.

Precaution: Avoid entering the login password in the User Name form, and vice versa. Otherwise, you will attract more technical problems.

Change from Router to AP Mode

  • The Basic Home screen will appear shortly.
  • You must go to the advanced area. Select Advanced Setup > Wireless Access Point.
  • If you have a gaming router, go to Settings > Setup > Wireless AP.
  • After that, pick the access point mode. Select the Apply option.

Precaution: If your laptop is not fully charged, do not unplug the charger from the wall socket. It will disrupt the process you are attempting to complete.

To summarize

This concludes the blog post on how to utilize a Netgear router as an extender. We anticipate that after reviewing the knowledge provided, you will be able to learn and use it. We also hope that you now understand the distinction between router mode and access point mode. We hope that you can now increase the range of your WiFi network and access a larger WiFi network.

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